Funeral Assistance

The death of a family member or a loved one is always a sad and traumatic event, even more so if no provision has been made to cover the financial burden which falls on family members. The purpose of our funeral assistance is to provide easy access to funeral insurance so that a dignified funeral can be held.

Pre-packaged Umbrella benefits are available for groups under 1000 members, while specific packages are designed for larger groups.

Groups have tailor made benefits and policy structures, designed to suit the groups particular requirements. Benefits are uniquely structured and clients may opt to add one or several of our uniquely value-added benefits available to further enhance and personalize their funeral product package.

We offer Group Funeral Schemes on a voluntary or compulsory membership basis (compulsory group discounts are available). These schemes provide funeral cover for the Principal Member and/or his/her immediate family (Partner and Children) as well as Additional Family Members.

We also offer conversion options for those members that leave their place of employment or at retirement age.